About the Web Development Company

What We Do

The Web Development Company is a new Web site and application development company founded by Andrew Cooney

Although the company is new, Andrew has been designing and building software for over 30 years

The Web Development Company designs and builds innovative and compelling new sites to W3C standards and adds functionality to existing sites

Sites can be of any scale from a few pages of static, information-only content through to dynamic, database-driven and eCommerce sites

We offer solutions that enable to take control over your own site and update content yourself whether or not you have any technical knowledge, including shopping cart, content management systems and blogging functionality

Contract programming projects are also undertaken

How We Do It

We work to an agreed brief which we can help you generate

Typically, we agree a fixed price for the project in advance which will remain so as long as there are no significant changes to the brief mid-project but are happy to consider alternative pricing models

Should you wish to make any significant changes to the brief we will discuss and agree with you in advance any changes to the workload and implications on completion date and costs

Your project will be developed rapidly using industry-standard tools - primarily Adobe CS3 technologies

We will build your project on our servers or on yours as you prefer

We work with you as closely as you wish throughout the project and share work in progress

As a small company, you can be assured of personal service and no matter how small your project, it will be treated as importantly as the largest


We use these these technologies to build your project:

Clientside: HTML/CSS; Javascript/AJAX; Flash/AS3

Serverside: PHP/MySQL; Linux/Apache (LAMP)

Get in touch and let's talk about your project